Los Andes

The Los Andes project covered the three main aspects: branding, redesign of digital platforms, change of format, and redesign of the printed edition.
We designed the new brand with a new definition of Los Andes in mind, to leave behind the idea of a newspaper with a website to redefine itself as an omnichannel information media outlet.
The digital redesign improved the user experience by optimizing readability –especially on mobile devices–, helping the hierarchy of information and establish visual consistency between the different channels.
The print channel reformulated its content proposal, making it consistent and complementary with digital platforms. His new look is more profound and makes focuses on the information analysis, leaving the breaking news for digital editions.
The redesign seeks to establish clear lines of connection between platforms. Format change accompanies this modernization while improving the profitability of the product.

  • Strategy

    Branding, Format change, Web Design, Editorial Design